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Nyar, let's have a look inside Akira-chan's mind shall we...

-complex - meaning A-chan may seem one way, but is actually a total other thing O_O... Akira has a very bad habit of observing and analysing the people around her, (particularly her friends) (warui ne~!)

A-chan loves to cause scenes in public places (like freezing in place for a set amount of time in a crowded place), and loves to see people's reactions. A-chan also enjoys performing on stage but ironically suffers from slight stage fright (but Akira is getting over it now!) A-chan spends most of her free time playing her violin, piano, flute, drawing, sewing, painting, reading, writing, and various other things.

A-chan tends to procrastinate in homework and assignments (they are soooo boring!) and suffers from severe lack of punctuality. ㅠ____ㅠ

A-chan likes almost all foods except for foods that are too salty, greasy, or sweet. Please do not be mistaken though, because Akira is a normal person who once enjoyed these types of foods, but unfortunately, Akira's weak stomach does not approve and thus A-chan will cringe into the fetal position upon consumption of these foods, therefore A-chan has grown to despise these foods O____O...
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